Hair Extensions and Sew-Ins

At Keratin Hair Salon, we believe in providing quality services that give you beauty from hair to toe. This includes giving you the stunning sew-in service you deserve. including:

  • Sew-In
  • The Works Sew-in
  • Invisible Part Sew-In
  • Extensions

Our sew-in process is simple and enjoyable, allowing you to fully customize your look. From extensions to full sew-ins, we do it all to ensure you look your best.

First, we braid your natural hair to set the base for you sew-in. Next, we sew wefts of hair onto the braided hair to keep them secure.

This allows you to choose any style or color of weave and enjoy a seamless appearance, especially as you grow out your natural hair.

We also offer invisible-part sew-ins, which use your natural part. Flaunt your new hairstyle and have everyone wondering how you got it to look so good!

Reach out to Keratin Hair Salon today to get started. We offer complimentary coffee and snacks during our services, as well as friendly smiles and conversation. Set up your appointment today to reserve your spot, or simply walk-in! We can’t wait to see you at our salon.