I admit I was afraid of letting them do my hair because I have had bad experiences as I am sure they saw by looking at my hair. However experiencing keratin changed my mind. First, I called at the last minute and they still did my hair. I was late because I went to the wrong location and they still took me. When I walked in I was greeted with true genuineness, something I haven’t seen in a long time. My hair was washed, blow dried, braided and i had hair sewn in. My head and hair was handled with care. I don’t know a lot about hair but I know enough to know when someone deeply cares about what they are doing. I must say sitting there hearing conversations, observing and experiencing the keratin Salon treatment I learned this salon has a passion for the trade. They care about their clients and they are working to improve and advance the salon. After 3 years I have finally found a salon to call home. I will schedule an appointment for for my girls. It was a lovely experience keratin family and I will see you soon. Please help me grow and get my hair back healthy and my girls to. I don’t just want styles I want hair care and by what I saw and experienced today this is the right place.

Vifa Cunningham